Soon it will be time to say goodbye to hot summer nights, shaved ice and sunnies that are actually worn for functionality rather than just an essential accessory to complete an outfit. However when one glorious season comes to an end, the door opens itself up to new temperatures, activities and trends. Brunch however is just one of those activities that continues to hang around — thank goodness!

Whether it be summer, fall, spring or even winter if you’re down for the indoor snack-n’-chat, a killer fit is always necessary. Meeting for brunches may vary. It could be a long time no see, for interviewing purposes or maybe even just meeting up with mom. Either way you brunch it, the outfit better crush it and this Fashionisto did just that.

Brunch with a Fall twist seems to be an appropriate slogan to accompany the outfit displayed. A trench coat, an oxfords and cuffs for days. Remember stop, drop and roll whenever theres a fire? Well this time the fire is his outfit and stop, drop and rolling those sleeves and pants makes a difference, because this look is hot!

The mix of the printed paisley shirt with subdued color hues, really pops underneath the solid maroon sweater whose color can be found within the print. This is also a prime example of stylish and functional layering. First with the coat, all the way down to the collared shirt underneath. If a fall breeze was not kicking in on a particular day he could shed two layers, then do vice versa in case of an overcast. The pant could also be cuffed for a cooler look, or unfolded to completely cover the ankle.

Against the deep reds in his top, the two tone honey and dark brown in the shoe really add some extra emphasis on the warm color theme seen within the entirety of this Fashionisto’s look. He even decides to further accessorize with gold tone cufflinks, how chic!

Although this look is definitely a winner for tea time with any party imaginable due to its sort of relaxed sophistication. It can easily be transitioned into an internship outfit.

One Simple Change: Drop the sweater and throw on a nice deep blue skinny tie. Make sure the shirt is tucked in, grab a briefcase and he is ready for an eventful day at his internship.