I like to label brunch as a favorite American pastime along with baseball and hot dog eating contests on Independence Day. It’s one of the few things that will get me out of bed on a lazy Sunday morning along with a venti latte with skim milk or a cappuccino the size of my face. Many of us like exploring new brunch spots. So, why not explore new brunch attire?

Brunch can be a bit tricky. The main challenge for brunch attire is being able to express your personal style while not looking too overdressed or underdressed. The key is to keep it simple and add touches of flair.

This Fashionista nails this look with a black coat and maroon turtleneck to keep her warm in these cooler months and give a classic feel to her outfit. She then adds a funky, modern twist with a pair of white adidas and necklaces that look sweet from afar, yet daring up close.

The colors and silhouettes give a classic, simple look. Then, when you look closer, you see those little individual elements that reflect her individuality and personal style like her necklaces and shoes.

One Simple Change: With just one little tweak, you can give this outfit another look and wear it for class! One way to give this outfit a more casual look for class would be to switch out the black coat for a cool bomber jacket. With a more minimal look, you are able to add a little fun with a funky pattern.