It has finally started to get cold here in Charlottesville. Despite that, this Fashionista who was on her way to get brunch was able to beat the cold in this cute winter ensemble.

She paired a bright red dress with riding boots and knee high socks then topped off the outfit with a light jacket. Since the red dress was cotton, it wasn’t too formal for a brunch occasion. Plus, a cotton dress is perfect for stuffing oneself with tons of french toast and bacon because it’s comfortable and not too form fitting. When I asked the Fashionista why she chose to wear a dress and boots rather than something else, she told me that not only was the dress her favorite but the bright color made her happy even though it was cold outside.

On that note, one of the most important parts of her outfit is the colors she chose to wear. She perfectly paired neutrals with the bright red and used a “summer” color palette to create a great winter outfit. This shows that you can wear any color in winter and don’t have to stick to just dark or monochromatic colors like white, gray and black. Brunch with the girls is a great occasion to branch out of your simple day-to-day outfits. Though you may not wear a dress to class, this look is great for weekends out and is still bright and fun despite the dreary weather.

Don’t be afraid to branch out with new silhouettes and colors. The winter may seem like a time to keep fashion consistent and easy, but it’s also a great time to change up your color palette and pair things like dresses with socks, when you normally wouldn’t.

One Simple Change: To take this look from brunch to evening time, switch out the socks and boots with black tights and some strappy heels.