There’s nothing better than sleeping in late on a Sunday and going out to grab a bite to eat with your pals. One of the things I love most about going out for brunch is dressing up in a super cute outfit, and getting myself ready for the chilled out day ahead. Let’s face it, we all love an occasion to get a bit more dressed up and a brunch is the perfect time for this. This Fashionista nails the cute but edgy look we all desire.

This look is styled up to date with some gorgeous boyfriend jeans, which are great for a laid back outfit and give a slight twist on the classic skinny jeans look that a lot of us fail to venture away from. Also, she switches up one of our all time favorites, Dr. Martens with these boots that feature a heel. As a result, this makes her brunch outfit more chic and dressed up, however she still maintains an edge.

We are given a pop of color with this Fashionista’s tribal print top and red lipstick, which seamlessly complement the darkness of the rest of the outfit. Since, it adds a bit of brightness in anticipation of spring, which is just around the corner.

One Simple Change: Want to change up your brunch look so that you can wear it to class? Simply wear flat boots instead of heeled boots or Converse to make it more casual and comfortable for a long day at college.