For many, the weekends are all about catching up on some sleep. There is nothing I love more than my bed on a Sunday morning after a long week of school and a weekend of having fun. There is only one thing that I will happily venture out from under the covers for: brunch.

My love for sleep usually leaves me with minimal time to get ready before I’m late for brunch with the girls. In order to make brunch, most of this time, I make an outfit out of the least amount of items possible, like this Fashionista has done. This Fashionista’s outfit is made up of four simple pieces, yet she still looks put together. It is all about the selection of these pieces.

The star of her outfit is the draped front jacket. Draped front jackets are a great addition to any wardrobe because they give the allusion of layering with one single garment, making for a quick choice that looks like you put a lot of effort into it. She also chose a medium wash jean, which is understated enough that it doesn’t compete with her jacket. Tying the look together with burgundy booties, they add a pop of color to look, and a cross-body structured bag.

One Simple Change: Do you and the girls want to continue this day into the night and go for dinner? Swap your jeans out for a dark indigo or black wash and add a pop of color, perhaps a similar shade to your boots, to your lips!