February 24th, 2016 at 2:00am

It seems the older you get, the more you appreciate mornings that consist of sleeping in. Especially being a college student who pulls all-nighters in the library and spends all day in class. It seems like the only time anyone has time for sleep is on the weekends. So, why wake up early when you can sleep in and look super cute for brunch downtown? Whether it’s Saturday or Sunday, brunch is always a good idea.

This Fashionista works the brunch runway with her simple, but sleek look. Her black Piko shirt is stylish, and doubles as a statement piece that can be worn in many other ways to make completely different outfits for a variety of occasions. If you’re looking for a multipurpose trendy item, and happen to have any extra money around, a Piko shirt is definitely a smart investment to make. I promise you’ll find yourself wearing it more often than you’d like to admit. Another versatile element that should be added to every closet are a pair of girlfriend jeans. These are a quick way to dress down for a day to sit in classes or dress up an outfit when paired with heels or booties for an afternoon with the girls. For her brunch date, this Fashionista threw on her jeans with a pair of fringe ultra high heels to bring a feminine undertone to her slouchy, ripped jeans. You can’t forget the details though, and a bracelet is an excellent accessory to add a pop of color or just simply to bring an outfit to complete perfection.

One Simple Change: Add an edgy leather jacket and this outfit is ready for night-life in the city, or replace the heels with a comfortable pair of UGG boots and you’re ready for a cute and casual look for class or a quick trip to grab lunch in between your busy schedule.