February 23rd, 2016 at 2:00am

For women, brunch is something more than just a social event. They have the chance to throw on one of those outfits in their closet for this sort of occasion. You know, the outfit that’s a little more formal than their day-to-day style they rarely pull out. It gives them a chance to break out those pair of wedges that cost a little too much to go to waste and that new blouse that they splurged a little too much on. The best part? Jeans are still acceptable! Brunch is an occasion that isn’t too formal nor too casual, and this Fashionista knew exactly how to rock the in-between!

She started off with a nice pair of dark rinse blue jeans and cuffed them to create a little more flare, and of course, to showcase those wedges. The black wedges were a great addition to enhance the formality in the outfit and very versatile for almost any top in her wardrobe. For this outfit, she chose to go with a simple red blouse that can be accessorized very easily, but this Fashionista’s style is “comfortable, yet girly” so she decided to just add a small gold necklace to keep the simplicity intact. To bring another pop of gold into the outfit, she added a gold, sparkly cross-body purse  which definitely does add a girly pop to her outfit.

One Simple Change: If you are tired of jumping into those sweats for class, throw this outfit on instead to look a little more put together! To create a more casual look, change into a pair of black ballet flats, get rid of the cross-body and use your backpack instead.