You just survived a late night out with your friends and you wake up not quite early enough for a proper breakfast. What is the answer to this issue? BRUNCH! It is the best thing to exist since sliced bread and it is the answer to all of your Sunday morning problems. You may want to lie in bed for hours, but food is a perfect way to motivate yourself to get up and start your day! I live by the motto “look good, feel good,” and that’s what I believe a brunch outfit should be based off of.

This Fashionista knew just how to dress to feel comfy, yet confident. A cropped sweater is truly a staple during the winter. It looks great with any high-waisted bottoms without making you look big or frumpy. Speaking of high-waisted, how adorable is this button-front faux suede skirt? These skirts are all the rage right now and they fit right in with the ’70s-inspired trends. Another item that is hot on the market are the over-the-knee boots. Maybe you haven’t found the right pair yet, but you still want a similar look. Combine your favorite tall black boots with high black socks and it will give the same illusion! One of my favorite parts about this look is the touch of gold in all of the accessories, from the earrings to the zipper on the boots. This cross-body satchel continues the suede style and adds a pop of color. Her look is complete with her statement necklace, sparkly earrings and sunglasses. This girl is ready for a classy brunch with her friends and set for the rest of her day.

One Simple Change: Try switching out the necklace for a comfy scarf to keep you warm and more relaxed. This will be a good transition into a productive Sunday full of studying and running errands.