Our 20s are not the time for waking up early. During the school year, I felt I was always up cramming with infomercials in the background. Now that it is summer, I take advantage of my free time by filling it with concerts, summer festivals and carnivals, although being up late means hitting the snooze button a couple times and missing out on breakfast. This is why night owls like me seem to gravitate toward brunch. Brunch is my favorite meal because I don’t have to miss out on any sleep to indulge in it, and I can enjoy my favorite guilty pleasures such as chicken and waffles. Also, brunch is the perfect meal to get all of my girlfriends together at one time without having to worry about conflicting schedules.

Of course, when getting my girlfriends together, I have to bring out a trendy outfit. I read somewhere that girls don’t dress up for guys, we dress up for our girlfriends to show off our style and because girls appreciate it more. Honestly, this is true for me because my boyfriend would not care if I wore sweatpants every day to see him. When I go out to brunch with my girlfriends, I wear something feminine with pops of color. This Fashionista’s look would be perfect for a brunch out with the girls.

I spotted this Fashionista wearing a dress that screamed summer. The dress was short and flirty with a bright blue pattern all over it. She matched it with a pair of cute tan wedges. Finally, she accessorized with a braided belt to give the outfit more shape and two silver Pandora bracelets.

One Simple Change: Having brunch at the beach? No worries, this outfit makes for the perfect vacation look. Swap out the wedges for tan sandals and you have the perfect bathing suit cover-up.