For those of you who regularly go to brunch like me, you probably know the struggle of trying to find something to wear every week. Whether it’s jeans and a cute top, a skirt, or flowy shorts, the options are endless. Your outfit decision depends on so many factors: where you’re going to lunch, who you’re going with, and what the weather is like outside. So how do you decide what to wear?

This Fashionista decided to stay cute and comfortable for her brunch. She took a casual, jean skirt and paired it with a cute and trendy sweater, making it the perfect outfit for brunch in the cold. This outfit is perfect whether she sits inside or outside, making her feel comfortable no matter the weather. A jean skirt is the perfect bottom because it matches with practically anything you want to pair it with. This Fashionista paired it with a black sweater, which is easy to accessorize and gives a classy look. She paired her sweater with a stone necklace. The necklace makes the outfit pop a little more while still keeping it subtle and trendy. This Fashionista also paired her outfit with a set of rings and a bracelet. One can never go wrong with rings. They add to the overall look without taking away from the outfit itself.

If you’re looking for a cute, casual and trendy outfit to wear to brunch, this Fashionista knows the right way to do it. It’s always a good idea to go with something trendy yet simple.

If you’re planning on brunching in the heat, swap out the sweater for something more weather-friendly like a cropped tank.