WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Two weeks into second semester and two weeks into the adjusting to the freezing cold temperature. Back to school at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign means back to knee-length The North Face parkas, black leggings and riding boots. The monotony of this outerwear combination makes it difficult for girls to take fashion risks.

This Fashionista, however, took a risk and slightly changed the criteria by wearing a bold, eye-catching accessory. She was on her way to class in a long puffer coat, aqua scarf, black leggings and brown combat boots. The outerwear provides full protection from the cold Illinois weather—it is no wonder why every girl at school wears them. Even with the widespread buildings, this coat makes the long walks to class no worry at all. Any wind chill factor will be shielded due to the length and material of the coat.

The scarf that she bravely chose adds a pop of color, which makes a statement in a safe way. It’s not too flashy yet still makes her outfit stand out. The black leggings are a go-to and seem to be a necessity for any college student. They are versatile and convenient when it comes to any outfit or occasion. This Fashionista finishes her outfit with rich brown combat boots and a smile on her face. She truly knows how to perfect the Illinois back to school look!

One Simple Change: Go from day to night by switching the puffer coat with a camel wool coat. The material is just as warm and will create a more sophisticated look. Finally, top it all off with a black scarf and black boots!