WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

After a glorious month long break for NYU students, going back to school for the spring semester is somewhat of a struggle. Many of us vacation, travel and pursue other endeavors, so getting back to the semester grind can be a difficult transition. I find that the best way to cope with having to set alarms, meet deadlines and get your school life back in order is to have what you choose to wear appear just as orderly.

I caught up with this Fashionista as she was on her way to class. She was dressed for success in an updated rendition of the classic school girl uniform. This look is the perfect mixture of looking put together yet staying comfortable.

She dons a simple gray sweatshirt that offers a new take on the classic high school gym uniform by adding the text “Lawl” because, let’s be real, that’s the most appropriate reaction to gym class. She dresses this up with a plaid wool skirt, enforcing her school girl vibe and playing up the uniform. To make herself appear even dressier, she wears T-strap stilettos but smartly pairs them with polka-dot patterned socks for warmth, comfort and trendiness.

Finish the look with the perfect red lip that will last all day and keep you from feeling less than your best. Add chic circle sunnies for a funky vibe and to remind yourself that class can’t dull your shine.

One Simple Change: For a winter day that is a bit chillier, add tights to keep yourself cozy comfy!