WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

When traveling quite a distance to and from your classes, comfort is probably the first thing on your mind. Those of us in colder climates have all fallen victim to the sweaty feet and itchy turtleneck sweater that stick to our skin. This is mainly because we tend to overdress for the weather, forgetting that the more we walk and navigate around campus, the warmer we get.

Usually, the heavier the layers, the more uncomfortable we become by the time we actually reach the fifth floor of that terribly insulated building. But don’t get me wrong, you should still wear all of the sweaters that your heart desires! That’s the best part about winter, so don’t give up on those just yet. However, as you wear sweaters, think about opting for a lighter jacket to throw on top and reasonably comfortable shoes.

A thinner jacket in the winter may seem like a strange concept, but the thicker pieces underneath keep you warm. It will save you from ripping the coat off in a frenzy whenever you finally get into heat. So covering up with of your favorite fall jackets is definitely a great option. There is no better time of year to wear boots of all shapes, sizes and colors, but it is ultimately up to you to decide whether those boots are actually made for walkin’ or not. Take some time to sort through your boot collection, and differentiate between boots to wear to class and boots to go out in. Here’s a hint: the lower the heel and thicker the sole, the more comfortable they’ll end up being.

One Simple Change: If you haven’t noticed, wearing running sneakers as casual wear is really trendy right now! You could switch out these ankle boots (if the weather permits) for a simple pair of sneakers for more comfort as you race to class.