WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

The endless amounts of sleeping in and free time have recently come to an end and a new semester is in full swing. Although there is the disappointing reality of waking up early for class, the New Year has brought a new semester of Fashionista/os! I spotted this Fashionista walking on Massachusetts street right by campus and had to take a picture. She has perfectly captured the essence of the comfy but cute look that is often worn to class by many. With the weather in Kansas being a little warmer than normal, this is the perfect outfit to accompany the nice weather.

This Fashionista sports a casual baseball tee and a cute denim vest that has an Aztec pattern at the lapel and a corresponding blue necklace. By having a casual shirt with a denim vest, she can put in that extra effort that comes across seamlessly. The denim vest is a great thing to have in your wardrobe because it can easily be dressed up or down. To keep with the comfortable look she paired it with some black leggings and tennis shoes so that it would be easy to walk around campus. Depending on the weather, the shoes can be tailored to fit the wind chill. This Fashionista likes to carry a big purse around instead of a backpack because she is able to keep all things that she would need in it and she can go straight to work after her classes.

One Simple Change: To take this casual back to school outfit into a date night outfit can be super easy with just a couple of key pieces that are in everyone’s wardrobe. Switch out the leggings for some nice dark wash jeans or even a pair of faux leather pants. Keep the denim vest but add a neutral-colored top to put the whole look into an outfit that will make your partner whistle. If you aren’t comfortable in heels, then add a pair of flats, like these! Add a couple of your favorite jewelry pieces and a clutch and you’re out the door.