WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

Denim jackets, Dr. Martens and beanies! This Fashionista has got the whole trendy look going on for her. So what if it’s cold, she knows how to manage all the right trends and stay toasty.

Whenever you go to class, you sometimes get that feeling between whether or not it’s worth dressing up. Some days you just want to be a bum, but others you’re feeling good and you want to look super cute. This outfit is perfect for class because it’s very stylish, incorporates so many trends, easy to attain and, most importantly, it’s comfortable.

Denim jackets have been trendy and still are, especially when paired with dresses. Dr. Martens and beanies are also very big trends as we transition into the new phase of fashion from fall to winter weather. This outfit is simple, but little things such as her lipstick and beanie give it a nice finish to the look. When people say it’s the little things in life that matter most, they really do. Especially with plain, casual outfits, it’s so easy to just add some jewelry, lipstick, head accessories—anything. It’s awesome to see how such little things can completely transform an outfit.

One Simple Change: Done with class and now heading to a nice date? Although this outfit may be perfectly fine with going almost anywhere, you can make it more formal by removing the hat and and swapping the shoes for flats or boots. If you want it to be even more formal, switch out the whole outfit and add a dress in there; denim jackets go great with dresses!