WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

As we say goodbye to the holidays filled with peppermint mochas, family gatherings and fancy outfits, we also say goodbye to wearing pajamas all day long, binge watching our favorite shows on Netflix. Although a lot of us will miss the comfort of our own homes and the lack of studying, the new semester can also mean time to try out all the new clothes we splurged on over winter break!

This Fashionista chose to make an impression on her first day back with an effortless feel. Her pale pink pants jumped out at me, as they looked so comfortable yet so chic. The jogger feel is perfect for walking around campus while the pink added a bit of femininity. Those are definite extra style points. I love her choice of a neutral palette for this look. By pairing the pants with a grey long sleeve and white sandals, she adds an extra layer of simplicity that brightens the whole outfit. Her love of bags will not be stifled by school books. This Fashionista chose a tan Michael Kors bag that is still big enough for her books but also very trendy. Her accessories blend well with the rest of her look. The dainty necklaces, Ray-Bans and gray scarf kept it grounded.

Amidst the groans of students who are not yet used to being back, this Fashionista walks around with no sign of disappointment for the new semester. She is ready to head back, and she does so with ease, keeping in mind that simplicity is everything in college.

One Simple Change: When the girls plan a last minute night out, don’t stress. Just swap the sandals for some heels and throw on a black leather jacket to keep you warm and edgy. Is your book bag too big? Trade it for a cross-body bag that’s perfect for the night’s essentials.