WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

Syllabus week is the one week in college where the work load is manageable, and the line at Registrar is all the way down the hall. This is the week where you can relax from all of that holiday eating.  But as Cady from Mean Girls would say, syllabus week is the one week where girls can be as dressed up as they like, and no one can judge them for it. This is the week where you can show off those new pair of boots Santa got you for Christmas. Get enough sleep so you can wake up a little bit earlier to put on those bracelets and make the finishing touches on your outfit. Looking fabulous and feeling fabulous is a great way to start off a new semester on the right foot.

This Fashionista is taking syllabus week to a whole new level. This outfit is the perfect combination of comfortable and trendy. The gray turtleneck is great for walking to class in the cold and snowy weather. She paired this outfit with black leggings and a pair of brown booties. To make it standout, she wore a white statement necklace and a tan Michael Kors watch. This watch is different from the rest because it wraps around your wrist. The weather may be cold, but it doesn’t stop this Fashionista from looking fabulous.

One Simple Change: Make this outfit stand out with a little pop of color. A different colored statement necklace would go nicely with this outfit, keeping it cute for any occasion.