WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

We made it through fall semester. Winter break was a nice long vacation from the stressful days of being a full-time college student. But spring semester snuck up a little too quickly, and now we’re diving into right back into the stress. I’ve seen countless UGGs, sweatpants and bulky coat get-ups since returning, which I understand because no one ever wakes up on time for those dreadful 8:00 a.m. classes.

However, this Fashionista is dressed for success for the spring semester. I love how she sandwiched a colorful flannel between a comfy black T-shirt and a black puffy vest. Her layered look is sure to keep her warm on those frigid mornings as well as keep her look interesting.

Pairing the darker toned layered tops with a light wash jean give the look playful tones in color and diversity. Her combat boots complete the overall look and are a comfy shoe choice for running around campus all day. She’s also got the messy bun look down to a science; I should definitely get some pointers from her.

Take some notes from this Fashionista, and you’ll be sure to look good, feel good and do good the rest of the school year.

One Simple Change: It’s Friday! Now it’s time to go out and celebrate with everyone before the real work kicks in on Monday. Transition this look to concert-ready by ditching the vest for some edgy earrings and tie the flannel around your waist for a subtle grunge vibe.