WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

Unfortunately, our beloved winter break has finally come to an end. The beautiful days filled with long naps, yummy food and constant Netflix binging are over. Now it’s time to knuckle down. We have to get back in our school mindset and prepare to take on second semester. It’s crucial to start 2015 on a high note, not only in school but also with our outfits!

The beginning of the semester is so magnificent because we all get a fresh start in our classes and have a chance to make new friends. Ideally, we would be able to scan the room for not only a good seat but a seat near someone that looks friendly and approachable. This idea always seems possible until you actually walk into class. The first day always feels like a war zone with people rushing around to claim their area for the next three months. Personally, I try to choose my seat based on who seems like a potential study buddy.

This Fashionista rocks an awesome outfit for the first day of class. Her top has a unique and intricate pattern in beautiful winter hues, which helps her stand out among the boring T-shirts. Her maroon pants also add a nice touch to her look because they’re so different compared to your average blue jeans. Mixing various colors is one of my favorite things to do in the winter because it’s an easy way to spice up any outfit.

Prepping for winter is no easy task, but this Fashionista makes it look so easy. Not only is she ready to make a stellar first impression on everyone, but she’s also ready to take on the harsh winter winds as she walks all over campus. Her Timberlands, wool socks and Columbia jacket keep her nice and toasty all day long. She looks like a very put together, smart and fashionable young lady; I would definitely sit by her in class!

One Simple Change: Heading to the library to start on your homework? Put on your reading glasses and add an oversized knit sweater to make your time there slightly more enjoyable!