WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

You know the drill: winter starts getting longer, you and your parents have had enough with your constant presence on the couch and binge watching Law and Order SVU has gotten old. With that, the glory days that are winter break have come to a close. It’s time to pull a Billy Madison and get your butt back to school.

The start of a new semester is always a transitional time for many students at Tulane. That saying, “New year, new me” applies. Maybe your resolution was to get into shape or change your major OR if you’re like me, to try out something new with what you wear! Whatever it was (or wasn’t) there’s always an air of excitement when students start to return to New Orleans to begin their spring semester.

This Fashionista is ready to get the ball moving; her look is equally casual as it is on trend! Pairing her black skinny jeans with her white Free People racerback tank and off the shoulder cream sweater keeps her look perfectly feminine with its simplicity and ease. Her black leather Vans contrast with this and add some edge to her ensemble.

Just like any other sneaker, Vans have made a huge comeback in women’s style this year. Seen paired with printed shorts in the summer and jeans in the fall, the look persists for the winter, too! Vans make it easy to add comfort and a cool streetwear edge to any look, which is why these shoes have taken over both college campuses and the fashion world.

Either way, incorporating an edgy twist on a preppy classic—like this Fashionista’s leather version—allowed her outfit to transcend just a typical contrasting look and adds an on-trend punch.

One Simple Change: Heading to class? Simply add a cool statement necklace to play into the edginess of the sneakers.