WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

After spending all of December binge watching Netflix and eating holiday leftovers, it is finally time to return to the real world. Unfortunately, it’s time to shed the sweatpants and slowly acclimate back into our studious alter egos. This transition can prove challenging to our wardrobes, as we want our outfits to be comfortable, stylish and appropriate. The first day of class is a great opportunity to make new friends that could potentially be life saving study buddies, and show professors your collegiate professionalism. It is important to wear an outfit that makes you look put together, but not like you are trying too hard. Not to mention, it is the middle of winter and bellow 50 degrees in Seattle.

This Fashionista donned the perfect back to school look that is sure to beat the winter blues while impressing teachers and classmates alike. Her subtle high-low oversized flannel is comfy, flattering and warm. A flannel is a must-have wardrobe item in the Pacific Northwest, but they come in a plethora of different shapes and colors, so it is important to find one that fits you and your style. This Fashionista’s black and white flannel proves timeless and easy to pair with practically anything in your closet. The high-low cut of the flannel is what caught my eye; it brings a flirty, fun twist to the common oversized shape. Her rolled up sleeves display a beautiful blacked out watch and assortment of bracelets, giving the laid back look a professional edge.

Her black combat boots with a short heel are a great staple piece, as well. They add a youthful and flirty side to any outfit that is sure to draw any classmate’s attention, while the heel provides a small hint of professionalism. By going with a neutral shoe, she avoids crossing the line between just right and overwhelming since she’s already sporting a patterned top and shiny jewelry. By opting for a short heel, this Fashionista is ready to comfortably walk from class to class while fashionably putting her best foot forward.

Adhere to this Fashionista’s guide to back to school style and you are sure to achieve a look that is refined, comfortable and still has a lot of personality.

One Simple Change: If you’re braving the cold weather, add a puffy vest to preserve some heat for the walk around campus, and not have to worry about getting tangled up in it while trying to shed some layers in class.