WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

After a monthor two weeks for UC studentsof winter break, we are back in school. It is about time that we crawl out of our comfortable beds and head back into the school business. Whether you admit or not, it is hard transitioning back to school. Most of us spent our winter breaks in baggy sweat pants and fluffy socks. Your body is simply not used to wearing sky high heels and super tight skinny jeans anymore. Fear not! This Fashionista shows us how to dress cute without sacrificing comfort on the first day back to school.

The weather has been quite warm in Santa Cruz lately. So, this Fashionista wore a soft peach colored long sleeve, complementing the top with a pair of comfortable light blue jeggings. Instead of wearing sky high heels, she chose to wear a pair of red-brown oxford chunky booties for comfort and style. Her pale orange backpack helped brighten her overall look. She pulled up her hair into a bun to give a clean and crisp image. Last but not least, she threw on some delicate silver jewelry to add a sweet feminine touch to her casual outfit.

If you find trouble transitioning back into school, try out this sweet and simple outfit that this Fashionista created! You’ll be surprised at how awake and refreshed you look even after hours of late night Netflix marathons. A simple outfit can brighten up a person’s mood and day!

One Simple Change: If your area is a lot colder than California, make sure to layer on a long thick coat or comfortable parka to keep you warm. You can also pair your outfit with some chunky scarves and beanies if you need extra warmth.