WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

Can you believe it Fashionista/os? Winter break is already almost at its end. Before you know it, we’ll be back into the swing of classes. One way to stay positive about having to go to class in the dreaded cold is to show off your new clothes from the holidays. It’s been about a month since your college friends have seen you, so what better way to show up to class than in style?

Check out the outfit that this Fashionista has pieced together for her back to school look. Some might have thought that ponchos are an article of the past. However, the new and improved poncho is back and is looking better than ever this year. These sweaters are poncho-inspired. The only difference is that they have armholes, unlike the retro poncho that only had a hole for your head like when you were in the sixth grade.

Since this sweater has the oversized look, this Fashionista complemented her top with a pair of black skinny jeans. Her shoes are another great addition to this ensemble. This year short booties are definitely a major trend to keep your eye on. I just love her outfit overall. It’s the perfect first day back to class look. Remember first impressions are important. Show up in an outfit that lets your professors know you’re organized, focused and totally ready to work hard for that “A.” Maybe save the sweatpants look for mid-semester. Take a little inspiration from this Fashionista, and you’ll nail that first impression.

One Simple Change: Is your first day of class over already and now you’re in the mood to go out and celebrate? Simply swap your shoes for an over-the-knee boot and throw your hair in a high messy pony. This will give off a more fun and flirty vibe than your daytime look.