WHAT TO WEAR: Back From Break

We are just returning from a much-needed spring break, and this Fashionisto is giving off strong Chicago vibes. It seems like spring break comes at the perfect time. You just finished midterms, you’re starting to get unmotivated and stressed, and just when you feel like you’ve reached a breaking point it’s here, and you get a chance to catch up and recharge.

This Fashionisto is inspired by music and traveling, gaining inspiration from wherever adventure takes him. In this casual streetwear look, he is rocking an overall neutral color scheme with just a bit of bold red. His long sleeve, Chicago Bulls T-shirt gives me a Kanye/ I Feel Like Pablo feel, who also happens to reign from Chicago. The weather here has been all over the place, with one day feeling like summer and the next feeling like winter again, so a long sleeve paired with a light jacket is a safe bet for warmth. The dark coach jacket contrasts against the white T-shirt and brings the outfit together.

The black, dad cap helped keep the light snow at bay while showing off his musical taste for the positive Chi-town artist, Chance The Rapper. Dad caps have started to become a staple to some of my outfits this season as well. He kept his look classy and grown up with khakis cuffed just enough to get a view of his argyle print socks and suede brown sneakers. Socks can make or break an outfit, and he got it right.