WHAT TO WEAR: Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s January and in Indiana, oh boy does it get cold. If you’re not accustomed to the cold weather and don’t plan to, then I suggest not coming this way. In my opinion, the cold weather sucks but there are some perks to it. One being there’s a wider variety of clothing. The more layers we wear, the more clothing get to style!

While this ensemble is casual and basic, it still has her looking chic. This Fashionista went with the half bun hairstyle which hit trendsetting with a bang. She decided to match her super cute olive green peacoat with a pair of ankle booties, so that there wasn’t too many colors going on. Her maroon top pops against her peacoat that she decided to pair with some blue jeans. For her accessories, she wore small gold hoop earrings and a simple gold cross necklace. She said she doesn’t really wear necklaces because she wears her cross everyday which is something simple, cute, and meaningful!

I think we all have that one favorite shirt, dress, ring or some sort of dressing item. Personally, I have a ring and a necklace I wear everyday. My sister gave me a ring a couple years ago that she found on the floor. She had said it didn’t fit her, so she gave it to me. It doesn’t have any sentimental value, but for some reason I put it on and have worn it since. My cross on the other hand, has sentimental value and I wear it for a reason.