WHAT TO WEAR: Achromatic Attitude

There’s no doubt that having some color in your wardrobe keeps things interesting, but never forget the beauty of an achromatic look. As winter approaches and the sky looks a little more gray, some of the best outfits are the ones that reflect the changing season. This Fashionista is doing just that by sporting a distressed, cream-colored cropped knit hoodie with a black faux leather jacket, a pair of black fitted sweats and black sneakers. The look is very minimal, but is perfect for a semi-dreary, semi-chilly day.

One piece from this look that I really liked is the pair of browline glasses. Those are really starting to pop up all over the place because they can make just about any outfit look even more chic and trendy. You can see here that the thicker, black frame at the top is perfectly accented by the rest of the ensemble.

Perhaps the best part about this outfit is the simple, black choker with the silver ring. Admittedly, I’m probably being biased because I love and adore chokers. You can put them on with the most simple of garments and they’ll make it look like you put some serious effort into constructing your outfit. It’s like literal magic. So, yes, maybe I chose to feature this Fashionista because I have a sixth sense for spotting fabulous accessories, but I’m proud of that.

You can rock the same achromatic look by pairing a black top with a white jacket and a pair of white bottoms. You may even be able to pull off a groutfit. Don’t knock it, ‘til you try it. All it takes is finding some grayscale-esque gems and, like any other outfit, a having confident attitude.