Travel Hacks: Packing Lightly Without Under-Packing

Travel Hacks: Packing Lightly Without Under-Packing

Traveling is an exciting experience from the second you begin packing your bag to the week afterwards when you eventually unpack. The anticipation before a trip is always overwhelming. You wonder about travel budgets, visas, and, most importantly, what to pack into your limited amount of luggage space.

I have experienced the frustrations of overpacking or under-packing for summer holidays. I’ve often lived out my days in a swimsuit, neglecting the piles of clothing that I unnecessarily piled along. Thinking that the following trip I’d be more prepared and mature enough to know that I don’t need all four pairs of shoes for a weekend away.

Fortunately, I have been able to tame my packing problems and narrow it down to the essential items, ones that can often be re-worn and used for more than one outfit or outing. With my own summer travels on the horizon, I have combined my favorite travel hacks below which have made my trips a lot easier!

1—Bold sandals. Shoes always complete an outfit but unfortunately take up the most space in your suitcase. Bringing along a pair of statement sandals are always a great idea. But ensure that they are comfortable enough to walk in! They can be dressed up to go with a smarter look such as a summer evening dress or cuffed jeans, and alternatively made to look more casual when paired with denim shorts or summer dresses.

2—Simple accents. I considered perfume to be one of the most important travel accessories. Smelling good is always a concern when traveling, and while being on the go quite often it is easily forgotten. A lightly scented travel-sized body cream can also go a long way. You never know how your skin will react to a different environment, and aside from your normal skin routine, it is always great to have something to keep your skin hydrated.

3—Minimalism. An easy method to the clothing madness is to pack items with minimalistic details and neutral palettes. You can easily dress them differently and play around with the use of layering and accessories. A few items with slogans or prints are always a good idea to liven up a simple outfit.

4—Accessories. Uncomplicated accessories are always great for traveling. Aside from the obvious avoidance of tangling all of your chains and hoops together. It also makes it easier to plan and play around with a simple palette and vibe created by a few key accessories.

These are just a few travel hacks that I use and adapt to my travels. Hopefully they can help you toward traveling lighter and packing smarter.

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