The Ultimate Galentine's Day Guide and Giveaway!

So you don’t have a guy in your life? So what! You have something even better—your besties. Boyfriends come and go, but your ladies are by your side through every initial text message exchange, first kiss and breakup. So instead of spending the day sulking and cursing the day your ex was born, celebrate the love you do have in your life by throwing the ultimate “Gal-entine’s Day.”

You don’t need to show up with a bouquet of hand-crocheted flower pens, a mosaic portrait of your friends made from crushed bottles of her favorite diet soda and personalized 5,000 word essay of why they’re each so awesome. (But I mean, if you wanted go full-blown Leslie Knope, go for it!)

To really make sure your Galentine’s Day is the tops, CollegeFashionista is giving away $500 to one lucky reader to spend on waffles, sunflowers or simply to treat yo’ self. For more information, including how to enter, click here.

Even though there will only be one sweepstakes winner, everyone is a real winner with our list of 10 ways to have the ultimate Galentine’s Day!

1. Start the day right: Surprise your Galentine with breakfast in bed. Because nothing says “I am in friend love with you” like a yogurt parfait and early morning pillow talk.

2. Friends that play together: Find a partner yoga class to attend. Is it most likely geared to couples? No doubt. Will it be hilarious and end in lots of laughs? Almost guaranteed.

3. Say it with sweets: You know what is even better than a compliment? A compliment written on a cookie. Let your bestie know how awesome she is by writing it in royal icing.

4. The perfect card: “Ovaries before Broveries.” “You are the Ann to my Leslie.” “I love you more than waffles.” Whatever you are feeling, say it from the heart (and with a little humor) in the perfect card.

5. Treat yo’ self: Have you been eying a pair of shoes that you have yet to pull the trigger on? Galentine’s Day is all about love—including the love you have for yourself and statement making footwear. So just press purchase already.

6. Original Instagram: Back before there were things like “filters” and “liking,” there were Polaroids. Bust out this vintage camera and snap photos of you and your Galentines. Write messages under the photos and string them on a clothesline to keep the love going even after the holiday.

7. Winter picnic: Host a Galentine’s Day potluck picnic. Who cares if it is -10-degrees out? Enjoy a feast of waffles, sundaes and mocktails from the comfort of a blanket spread out on your dorm floor.

8. Make a mix: Because no real holiday is complete unless you make a playlist to commemorate it. Personalize it with songs that have special meaning to you and your besties. Wilson Phillips, anyone?

9. Roses are…: … so cliché. Get your Galentine a bushel of sunflowers to let her know she is the sunshine in your life.

10. Not your traditional RomCom: Instead of curling up, watching “The Notebook” and spending the rest of your evening in a pile of tears and Kleenex, pull a total 180. Stream “The Hangover” or “The Godfather” trilogy and leave the sappy stuff for the other 364 days of the year.

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