Sunnies Out for Summer

What could be better than picking out an outfit? Accessorizing, of course! Since coming to college, I only thought of accessories as being different types of jewelry, forgetting other important accessories that people incorporate everyday such as purses, sunglasses, shoes, etc. Out of all the accessories, I find that sunglasses are the most unique and can really play up an outfit.

I would really like to take a closer look at sunglasses and how they can really take the look you’re going for to the next level. When shopping for sunglasses, it used to be quite simple; you would either choose black or brown and then a square or circle frame.

Now, the options are endless. You have big square frames, small circle ones, cat-eye ones, heart-shaped ones, and basically any other shape you could think of. If you just take a look at the lenses, you can get black, reflective, colorful, see-through, and many other different kinds.

As I said above, I think that having a perfect pair of sunglasses and outfit can make or break your look. Here we have our model Jensen displaying a simple jean on jean outfit, but the turtle-shell pink reflective sunglasses give her outfit that extra something she was looking for.

Colorful reflective sunglasses have shown a really big rise in the college community, whether students are wearing them to a tailgate or a day walking the streets of downtown.


What are your favorite styles of sunglasses? Let me know by commenting below!