Your July Style Horoscope Has Arrived: These Are the Sunglasses You Should Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Your July Style Horoscope Has Arrived: These Are the Sunglasses You Should Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

I don’t know about you, but I blame everything on my horoscope. I’m having the worst hair day of my life? Mercury is in retrograde. My best friend books a weekend trip to visit me? Our signs are extra compatible today. I have a surprisingly large amount of cheetah print in my wardrobe? I’m a Leo, duh. Lately I’ve gotten really into channeling my zodiac sign through what I wear—but that doesn’t mean I wear my leopard print bell bottoms every day of the week.

Take sunnies, for example. By matching the characteristics of your star sign to a pair of sunglasses, you can dip your toes into the waters of zodiac dressing without rethinking your whole look. Thankfully, sunglasses are having a major moment this season so there’s a new trend to match each sign. From risk-taking Aries to always-classic Cancer, there’s a pair of sunglasses your horoscope is practically begging you to try this season. Keep reading to find yours.

Square Sunglasses Based On Zodiac Sign Aquarius

PHOTO: Valeria Laguna, University of Florida

Aquarius: Square

You’re always one to take a risk, so make sure to opt for a pair of eye-catching sunglasses this summer, Aquarius. Large, square frames in a bold color are the perfect completion to all your daring summer #OOTDs.

Circular Sunglasses Based On Zodiac Sign Pisces

PHOTO: Payton Pickard, University of North Texas

Pisces: Circular 

Sunglasses you can wear with any outfit? Sign Pisces up! Look for a pair of circular sunglasses to have on hand 24/7 this summer. These go-with-everything frames will match your go-with-the-flow personality.

PVC Sunglasses Based on Zodiac Sign Aries

PHOTO: Nicole Betances, SCAD

Aries: Bold PVC Frames

Take the craziest, most intimidating trend on the list and I bet you an Aries will be first in line to try it. Enter the bright PVC frames that are sweeping the street-style nation ATM—these electric-hued, see-through sunnies were made for a risk-taker like you, Aries.

Oval Sunglasses Based On Zodiac Sign Taurus

PHOTO: Daniela Osuna, Virginia Commonwealth University

Taurus: Oval

You have a way of making the most basic pieces look they came straight off a NYFW runway, Taurus. However, this summer, switch out your classic black aviators for a pair of thin oval shades. With this simple swap, even your favorite tee and go-to blue jeans outfit will turn heads.

Round Sunglasses Based On Zodiac Sign Gemini

PHOTO: Naomi Paris, School of Visual Arts

Gemini: Retro Round

Surprisingly enough, round retro-inspired glasses go with literally everything—which is perfect for a Gemini who loves to experiment with their personal style. Pair them with a T-shirt and dress combo or add them to an all black ‘fit, the options really are endless.

Rectangle Sunglasses Based On Zodiac Sign Cancer

PHOTO: Monica San Luis, Boston University

Cancer: Rectangular

You’re all about sophistication, Cancer, but I bet you never guessed teeny-tiny frames could look so chic. When the frames have a classic colorway (like this polished, black and gold combo), a narrow pair of rectangular sunnies looks trendy but still so classic.

Cat Eye Sunglasses Based On Zodiac Sign Leo

PHOTO: Allie Sarachene, Kent State University

Leo: Cat Eye

Your friends may describe you as dramatic and there’s really no point in arguing with them, is there Leo? Bring all the drama to your summer #OOTD with a pair of statement cat-eye sunglasses. Wear these frames with your most extra outfit to turn a look into a lewk.

Pastel Sunglasses Based On Zodiac Sign Virgo

PHOTO: Alyssa Perez, San Antonio College

Virgo: Pastel Lenses

Sweet is your go-to when it comes to personal style, Virgo. This summer, add a soft touch to any outfit with a pair of pastel lenses—you’ll be surprised by how polished a baby-pink pair looks with your most put-together outfits. Functional? Nah. Worth it? Absolutely.

Diamond Sunglasses Based On Zodiac Libra

PHOTO: Hannah Fyfe, Columbia College Chicago

Libra: Diamond Shaped

Switch up your basic black sunglasses with diamond-shaped lenses. The subtle swap from classic frames will make a huge difference in your summer looks. You’ll be radiating effortless, cool-girl vibes before you know it, Libra.

Skinny Sunglasses Based On Zodiac Sign Scorpio

PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert, University of Iowa

Scorpio: Barely There

Who needs sunglasses that actually block out the sun? If anyone is willing to sacrifice their eyesight in the name of fashion, it’s you, Scorpio. Since you’re all about having signature pieces, make narrow glasses your go-to this summer. From thin cat-eyes to barely there ovals, the world is your oyster when it comes to teeny tiny shades.

Mirrored Sunglasses Based On Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

PHOTO: Ashley Battiste, New York University

Sagittarius: Mirrored Lenses

Sagittarius’ style motto: Have fun with it. Mirrored sunnies are a great way to amp up the excitement in your summer looks. From rainbow stripes to polka-dots, these reflective lenses go with every print in your closet. Choose a pair with colored frames for an even bolder #OOTD.

Oversized Sunglasses Based On Zodiac Sign Capricorn

PHOTO: Alyssa Dischoso, Columbia College Chicago

Capricorn: Oversize

If anyone is going to remind their BFF that “simple is better” during a night-out prep sesh, it’ll be you, Capricorn. You love effortless looks that come together in a breeze but you always look like you spent hours getting ready. This summer, opt for an oversized take on a classic sunglasses shape (the bigger the better) to finish off your always polished outfits.

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Opening Image by Hannah Fyfe