Kimonos. How can you not love kimonos? They can transform an outfit in so many different ways. I have worn my white Free People kimono all over the place. Whether I am headed to class or headed to dinner with friends, this kimono has gotten me through it all.

To be completely honest, I used to be turned off of the idea of a kimono. I thought they were an awkward concept and was opposed to even giving them a try. Then one day I decided I had nothing to lose, and my mind was changed forever. Some days I want to wear a jacket, but at no point in the summer is it cold enough to need one. This is where the trusty kimono comes in. It has become one of my summer staples.

Not only have I started wearing kimonos, but they have become a major trend. This Fashionista is wearing an amazing black kimono. It adds a bit of flair and flow to the otherwise simple outfit. The outfit is still a minimalist concept, because there are neutral colors and no bold patterns. Throwing in a lace bralette also adds a small details that makes the outfit even more eye-catching.

In this outfit, there is a mix between hippie girl and glam girl. The mix comes from the sunglasses. These are total glam sunglasses, and they complete the look by bringing a different style to the outfit. They almost dress the outfit up for a fun day out with friends.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like wearing outfits that describe who I am. Sometimes it is difficult to capture who you are in one look. That is why I like to combine multiple looks into one outfit without having too much going on.”