#StyleGuruLove—A Day In The Life of A Style Guru, As Told By Instagram

Our Style Gurus are not only incredible writers, photographers and social media stars, but they are busy college Fashionistas/os on the go. From classes to coffee, photo shoots to pizza parties, our Style Gurus cram a lot into a single day.

Check out a typical day in the fabulous life of our CollegeFashionista Style Gurus, as told by 18 Instagram photos.

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7:45 am: Breakfast and fashion in bed (photo via @meagansapashe)

1meagansapashe 2

8:25 am: Pick out a killer outfit for the day (photo via @emilydcole)


8:43 am: Head out to the door, ready to take on the day in style (photo via @anndyjackson)


9:23 a.m.: Stop by your favorite coffee shop for the most important morning essential (photo via @courtneypelot)


9:55 am: A beautiful stroll through campus on the way to morning lecture (photo via @notkarla)


10:53 am: Sometimes classwork can be fashion-forward too (photo via @amylajoycain)


11:18 am: Snap some photos of stylish Fashionistas/os you see on their way to class (photo via @brisaamarr)


12:15 pm: A quick (and Instagram-worthy) lunch (photo via @alexandrahollander)


1:03 pm: Multitasking at it’s finest—shooting photos, tweeting and Instagramming behind the scenes photos of your next CollegeFashionista post. (photo via @laurisemcmillian)


1:49 pm: Stop to make new friends on your way to a group project (photo via @stealingemily)


2:30 pm: A much needed afternoon pick me-up (photo via @bymelissanicole)


3:05 pm: More class. More opportunities to make the campus your runway. (photo via @lynzrin)


4:30 pm: A quick check to see what’s happening with CollegeFashionista online and on social media. (photo via @itstrendychelsea)


5:07 pm: Meet up with a fellow Style Guru to take photos together and spread the word about CollegeFashionista (photo via @silviashiori)14silviashiori

6:48 pm: Meet up with your roomies for gossip and grub (photo via @mariahtomasetti)


7:24 pm: Check out a local event happening on campus (photo via @jonathanmcdougle)


8:53 pm: Back to your dorm to finish up your homework (photo via @jessicalaurenn24)


10:02 pm: Put the finishing touches on your CollegeFashionista article submission (photo via @zoeypeck)


11:14 pm: Netflix and chill before another busy (and fashionable day) in the life of a Style Guru begins tomorrow. (photo via @ginacangemi)


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