STYLE GURU STYLE: You Are Never Too Old To Play Barbie

It is every girl’s dream to dress up like Barbie, and recently Moschino turned that dream into a reality when they transformed their models into living, breathing dolls as a tribute to the well-known Barbie. The models wore bright pink outfits with giant wigs, and a few were even given roller skates to glide down the runway in! It was all a very fun and pink show.

I’ve always loved Barbie since I was a kid, so when I saw this look on the runway, I knew I had to recreate it. I went for a toned down, more class appropriate look, rather than head to toe pink and a pair of roller skates. I used a bright pink top with a bow on it and matched it with bright pink heels to keep it fun. I swapped out what should’ve been a pink bottom for a pair of acid wash jeans instead. Very ’80s Barbie.

The look was not complete with just the outfit, though. I took a page out of the Moschino runway book and wore very minimal eye makeup, with a strong pink lip. My hair is already a very strong blonde so I left it down and straight to complete my Barbie look.

I loved this show so much, and it reminded me not to take fashion so seriously and to have fun with my outfits! As cool as wearing all black is, I had a lot more fun in a pair of hot pink heels!

Get My Look: 1. One pink peplum top 2. A pair of bright pink heels 3. Some cruelty-free pink lip stain