STYLE GURU STYLE: Women in Black

Markus Lupfer’s pre-fall 2015 collection featured a range of outfits appropriate for the summer to fall transition. Glitter, floral and metallic were the first three words that penetrated my mind when I browsed through this online slideshow. I was amazed at how this one model owned each and every outfit—despite the added pressure of juggling different style trends. Out of them all, look 20 caught my eye the most. Markus Lupfer paired a black sparkled sweater with a metallic flared skirt. The shoes were not noticeable in the picture, but I surmised that they were the black metallic high-heels seen in most of the other looks. I loved it. Everything about it, especially the black! Black is slimming and goes with anything. My only problem now was to figure out how to implement this look into my winter wardrobe. The solution? Wear this summer to fall look on the off days where the temperature is a bit higher than the standard New England winter weather.

For my look, I created an all-black ensemble that was both comfortable and fashionable. I was never a big fan of sweaters because they itch and scratch away at my skin. So I opted for a simple cotton T-shirt with a gray button-down coat for warmth. This peacoat is made primarily of cotton and is machine washable. It’s cozy feel, winged collar and horizontally stitched pockets make this garment the epitome of what it means to be both stylish and snugly. Below my waist, I wore a pair of sheer striped tights that, in my opinion, give off a more noticeable edge in comparison to the standard black tights that many wear. Lastly, for my shoes, I chose a pair of black suede booties that are easy to walk around in when traveling from class to class. Similar to the coat, these booties have a comfy feel but are also stylish. Report Collection designed a layered look that wraps around the top and sides to eventually create an elevated polished bow on the outer edge.

In short, my street style look gives a whole new meaning to the title Men in Black. Who says it always has to be Men in Black? Now, it’s Women in Black. So own your style Fashionistas, and show the world what you’re made of!

Get My Look: 1. A button-down coat. 2. A black mini skirt. 3. A pair of suede booties.