STYLE GURU STYLE: Winter is Here…Maybe

Virginia and many fellow east coast states are having one of the warmest winters to date. Though this seems like a good thing, it has made it nearly impossible to wear sweaters, coats or winter apparel of any kind. So, inspired by the Elizabeth and James pre-fall 2016, I’ve been wearing darker colors and different fabrics to make my warm weather clothes seem more season appropriate.

Elizabeth and James’ pre-fall line is full of a gorgeous khaki green color and different fabrics like satin, suede, denim, etc. The deliberate choice to mix and match these fabrics makes the outfits interesting without needing a lot of accessories. When looking through the entire show, the silhouettes of the outfits are also simple; it’s full of long shapeless dress, ripped denim jeans, layered tank tops and more. In my case, I used a similar khaki green color in the form of a soft suede button-up shirt. Then I paired it with ripped denim and lace-up heels, which add more texture to the look. Mimicking Elizabeth and James’ minimalistic style, I kept accessories at a minimum and tucked my shirt in one side to give a bit more shape to my body and keep things from looking too boxy.

If you’re experiencing a warm winter like me, take inspiration from this pre-fall line and use your own favorite color and fabrics. By using different textures and simple silhouettes, you’ll be able to create your own “faux-winter” look in no time!

Get My Look: 1. Khaki button-up. 2. Ripped denim. 3. Lace-up heels.