STYLE GURU STYLE: Winter Has No Limits

Winter is usually that time of the year when I go through my closet and get rid of the clothes I don’t wear anymore. This makes me realize how my style constantly changes through the years with the evolution of different trends and collections that often inspire me to create my different looks. I try not to stick with just one style throughout a season, but rather I like to experiment with different styles every day.

Looking through the different collections for this fall/winter, there was one that grabbed my attention: the Louis Vuitton fall 2015 ready-to-wear. Every piece in the collection inspired me to recreate different styles with clothes that I already have in my closet. The pieces that really stood out to me in this collection were the different types of mini skirts. Mini skirts are one of my favorite pieces to wear at any time of the year, and even though Chicago has really low temperatures in the winter, the Louis Vuitton fall/winter collection inspired me to truly believe that a real Fashionista/o has no limits.

I started my look with a black mini skirt that has some leather patches on it, and I mimicked Vuitton’s choice by adding a bright-colored shirt to my outfit. In his collection we can also see how “small purses” are a must for this winter, so I decided to add a vintage drawstring bag to my look. For my shoes I decided to keep it simple and I just wore some  black ankle boots.

I recommend you Fashionistas/os to be adventurous and wear mini skirts this winter; don’t forget you can always add some knee-high socks to keep you warm if you are feeling too cold!

Get My Look: 1. Mini skirt. 2. Drawstring bag. 3. Ankle boots.