Green is one of the most commonly found colors during the winter and early spring seasons. It’s found everywhere and on all things from Christmas to Saint Patrick’s Day. Maybe you are already envisioning a hue of green in your mind, one that you typically associate with winter, but there are actually many shades of green and each can create a totally different style. Dark green gives off a grungy look while pastel green is very light and cheerful. I personally really like the color of green — it’s sort of neutral with a little pop of color.

The fall 2014 ready-to-wear line by Joie incorporates a lot of neutral colors like black, blue and gray. Look three stuck out to me because while it did incorporate gray and black, it also incorporated a vibrant green color. Joie’s look did not incorporate Christmas tree green though; it was green with a hint of blue. As I’ve already mentioned, I think green is a great color for winter and Joie’s take on a casual and neutral ensemble with a pop in the form of an unusual green color is right up my alley.

It was easy for me to create my own look inspired by look number three by Joie. I paired one of my favorite pairs of gray jeggings with a long green sweater. Jeggings are a great choice for those who love the comfort of leggings but want to look like they put a little more effort into their outfit choice. Joie’s look included a pair of simple black heels but obviously that sort of footwear would not be appropriate for winter in Philadelphia. I stayed true to the color scheme of green, gray and black by donning a pair of black boots. I tucked my jeggings into knit legwarmers and added a black puffy vest to my ensemble for an added layer and warmth. I also decided to sport a knit headband to keep my ears warm. I’m a lover of jewelry so of course I decided to wear a statement necklace with my look. You can never go wrong with rings, so I also stacked two of my favorite small rings on one hand. A little bit of jewelry can go a long way!

My outfit ended up being very casual and perfect for winter. I was able to stay true to the colors Joie used while wearing clothing pieces that I already owned. I took a fall look and created a similar look that was more appropriate for the chilly temperatures. Runway looks aren’t always unachievable; just think out of the box a little!

Get My Look: 1. A pair of stretchy charcoal jeggings. 2. A comfy teal sweater. 3. A puffy vest.