STYLE GURU STYLE: Who Runs the World?

Alexander Wang’s fall 2016 ready-to-wear show is nothing short of a shocking Britney Spears music video. It has the wow factor, the “oh my god what is she wearing” factor and of course the scandal factor. However, when you push aside the words “strict” “tender” and “violator” from the models black sheer tights and oversized sweaters you find something much more reminiscent of Beyoncé. Wang’s line is made up of striped and leather mini skirts, spiked booties, sheer long sleeve shirts, oversized sweaters and structured jackets that scream female empowerment. His looks are the types of outfits you would see featured in Beyoncé’s next banging video about girl power and strong female figures. Wang sends a message that women are often prescribed labels in society, but that they also have the power to overcome those labels with strong, statement-worthy clothing.

My interpretation of Alexander Wang’s collection includes an oversized green and white striped sweater dress, black sheer tights, black booties and a leather jacket. I was inspired by one of Wang’s specific looks that included a black and green sweater dress, white spiked booties and black sheer tights with the words “strict” written across the legs.

This was one of my favorite looks and the one I wanted to incorporate into my own outfit because it creates the perfect balance between softness and strength. My oversized sweater dress creates a level of coziness and sweetness, while my black leather booties, leather jacket and sheer tights add an edge that embodies the female empowerment that Wang clearly showcases in his ready-to-wear collection.

Get My Look: 1. Oversized sweater dress. 2. Black sheer tights. 3. Any type of booties.