Shayne Oliver, the designer of Hood by Air, always had more interest in self-expression and challenging the norms. He has influenced the fashion world by exposing them to abstract and quality art. Hood by Air is seen everywhere, from the streets to famous celebrities like Kanye West. There is no doubt that Hood by Air is taking over street style. Their designs are so unique and trendy. So what’s a better way to embrace winter while welcoming spring than incorporating the trends seen in the their spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection?

Taking inspiration from the collection and Oliver’s very wise words, I decide to conjure my own little unique Hood by Air recreation. I love mixing sports luxe, boyish silhouettes and super chic pieces. I feel like that mixture is the best representation of my style. There were a lot of oversized coats, tops and blazers in the Hood by Air collection. And, of course, so much black and white! I threw on a very spring-colored graphic T-shirt to invite spring back into my closet. Then, I grabbed a black hooded fur vest for an extra dimension. I chose a white longlined coat to remind myself that it is still winter and to blend into all the snow around me. I found that pleather leggings definitely keep you warmer than regular leggings and they look cooler! To finish off my creation, I wore Timberland boots so I can have fun stomping around in the snow without getting my socks wet.

As much as snow and winter itself can be a drag, have fun with your outfits. The more fun you have creating your winter outfits, the less drearier winter will feel. Put some spring colors into your winter wardrobe and, before you know it, warm weather will be coming your way!

Get My Look: 1. A big fluffy fur vest. 2. Super comfortable pleather leggings. 3. A graphic T-shirt that reminds you of spring.