As evident by my most recent posts, my true passion for fashion stems from a deep appreciation and respect for a style consisting of all-black everything. While colors and patterns are innovative and may add some “spark” to ones look, black remains to be a color that exudes confidence and depth, while remaining stylish and professional.

Taking inspiration from Alexander Wang’s 2015 Ready-to-Wear fall collection, I decided to bring out my very own Alexander Wang while adding some bohemian grunge to it. Alexander Wang is a style innovator with a true niche for innovation and minimalism. While this collection consists of mostly all-black attire, each piece is so dynamic and diverse from one another.

Inspired by the simplicity and dark energy, I thought this would be an optimal time to bring out my very own Alexander Wang black dress. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thrift shopping is everything! This black Alexander Wang dress was found at a local thrift shop here in Indianapolis for under 20 dollars (what a steal!). While still attempting to stick with Wang’s all-black color scheme, I decided to add some gold necklaces to give my look a more bohemian edge. I finished my look with a beautiful pair of brown boots, which also happened to be an amazing thrift shop find. If I had to define the inspiration for my translation of this runway collection, I would say it is a perfect hybrid between Alexander Wang and Free People. It was my intention to create a perfect combination of minimalism, boho, urban streetwear and grunge. To achieve this idea, I emulated Wang’s monochromatic all-black style while adding gold accessories to bring out a more luxurious energy.

Keeping in mind that the price of typical runway look starts somewhere in the thousands, it is essential to learn the “ins and outs” of transforming a “runway look” into our everyday style. To achieve this transformation, one must take inspiration from the designer while still remaining true to ones unique style and design.

Get My Look: 1. Black dress. 2. Gold necklaces. 3. Urban boots.