STYLE GURU STYLE: Vintage Revival

The fall 2014 ready-to-wear show from Lyn Devon was delightful. The designer seemed inspired from a monochromatic vibe but she also offered vibrant prints and colors. There were several gray pieces like a wool pencil skirt or an oversized coat paired with a gray cashmere turtleneck. The red poppies pattern, tomato red skirt and sweater combination, and fuchsia dress and pleated trousers were remarkable because they were unexpected among the designs. They are beautiful and clean colors that could be worn by anyone in an appropriate way.

What I liked most about this show was that it reminded me of the ‘50s and ‘60s. There was something about these decades that illustrated class and glamor in the simplest ways. From tight pencil skirts to black and white loafers to all black sunglasses, these decades have proved that trends do come back. It is up to our creativity to incorporate these trends into the new decade all while staying stylish!

These decades inspired my creativity and to incorporate them in an outfit fit for 2015. Some of the outfits in the runway show had a cashmere sweater draped over the models’ shoulders and tied in the front to resemble a scarf. I tried to emulate this look by wrapping a white thick wool sweater around a grayish tan dress. Since it was a warmer winter day, I wore thin tights with black round-toed thick cone heels. I chose to revolve my outfit on the white sweater because it was versatile and easy to wrap, and a trend exhibited in the runway show. I also wore a brown vintage bag with a long strap and Ray-Ban sunglasses as accessories. A sweater not only acts as an accessory but it could also be used later in the day over an outfit when it gets colder.

Let the past inspire our outfits!

Get My Look: 1. A fitted mini dress (add some color!). 2. A cardigan as an accessory. 3. Retro sunglasses. 4. A vintage inspired saddle bag.