STYLE GURU STYLE: Veni, Vidi, Vince Camuto.

“The most important thing in life is to find something that can make you happy and something you have a passion for. Whatever makes your heart beat, you’ve got to go after it.” These are the famous words of the late Vince Camuto, who was not only my favorite designer, but a true inspiration in my passion for fashion. Not only did he create pretty things for a living, but he truly lived to make his customers happy. So after an inspirational “push” from Camuto, I decided to put more effort into my own passion for dressing myself. I did so by spending hours on looking for the right outfit inspirations. After a long search, I came across two designers who filled my head with the best style ideas.

First,  in the Kenneth Cole Collection from fall 2014 , it is easy to see that the unique collection is strong, romantic and passionate. This line shows bags made of leather, faux fur and some velour, all of which are unique to a normal handbag. But it just so happens that I came across a bag made of velour material. Even better, it came with a gold chain for a handle, adding an elegant touch to this look. Second,  I reunited with the Louis Vuitton fall 2014 collection. I am always fond of leather pants paired up with heels and a peplum top, which is a look from the collection I decided to take. The collection was bold and cool, which are two qualities most people tend to steer away from. I think it is amazing that they create such cool art to give people a way to express themselves. But to add my own art to this Cole-Vuitton combination, I threw a peacoat over my shoulders and a pair of sunglasses to keep it cool. To further my accessories game, I tossed a gold body chain on for minimal decoration. And then of course, in memory of my beloved designer, I wear a unique Vince Camuto chain bracelet.

Each piece I wore for this look was picked out specifically to complement another piece. If I say I am so passionate about self-expression in how I dress, then I cannot go halfway. I want to go through with my outfits if that is what I want, not because I feel entitled to. If there is one day where I do not feel like accessorizing, then so be it. If I cannot handle the pain of five-inch heels, then flat boots it is! Like Camuto encouraged, along with Kenneth Cole and Louis Vuitton, to be bold and passionate is a gift not worthy of being hidden away.

Get My Look: 1. Skinny leather pants. 2. Velvet purse. 3. Tan peacoat.