STYLE GURU STYLE: Tulle And Glitter Galore

There’s nothing I love more than wearing something in my every day life that looks like it belongs at a posh and elegant wedding party or on the runway. Reem Acra’s pre-fall 2016 mixes glitter with swooping skirts and tulle in a way that captures your attention. The first dress has an elegant combination of light, airy glitter and an eye-catching tulle skirt. It mixes light colors with tulle in a way that makes you wish you had an occasion to attend for a dress like that. The 30th dress, in stark contrast, has an ombre effect with a blazing midnight blue color. It uses gold glitter to draw the eye in to the focal point.

In order to capture the kind of eye-catching beauty that this collection offers, but with a bit more streetwear style, I used a Space 46 Boutique tulle skirt with a 22″ length instead of a fuller, longer skirt. Wearing this skirt in public still elicited some stares, and a few people asked what party I was going to, even though I was just dressed for a day of shopping. I used a layering effect to recreate the look of Reem Acra’s dresses. By wearing a peplum shirt on top of my tulle skirt, it gave the impression that I was wearing a one-piece dress, when it was actually a separate shirt and skirt. The peplum shirt was originally a dress from H&M, which I later shortened into a shirt.

In order to add some glitter to my outfit, I chose a combination of sparkly accessories. I wore a glitter bow headband (custom ordered) and several bracelets made by Katiebowhead, the queen of glitter accessories. I complemented these with my Betsey Johnson bow handbag. This handbag was originally a cross-body bag, but I typically wear shorter handbags, so I did some DIY to make the strap suit my style. To add to the details in the outfit, I wore my The Giving Keys infinity necklace with the word “inspire” engraved on it, which subtly matched the key zipper on the Betsey Johnson handbag.

To complete the look, I layered a pair of black leggings under cream white lace leggings, and rocked Crown Vintage ankle boots. None of the outfits in the Reem Acra shoot wore leggings or tights, but it’s January in Massachusetts for me, so I added this small intricate detail to add more femininity to the overall outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Space 46 tulle skirt. 2. Betsey Johnson handbag. 3. Crown Vintage ankle boots. 4. Katiebowhead bow bracelet. 5. The Giving Keys infinity necklace. 6. White cream lace leggings.