STYLE GURU STYLE: Trendy in Tweed

Thakoon’s pre-fall runway show featured the rebirth of classy, multicolored tweed clothing, from dresses to coats and everything in between. In their line, each look featured neutral tones matched with various bold patterns and contrasting textures, such as silky lace and twisted tweed. By incorporating multiple textures and patterns the ensembles gained dimension and depth, making the colors interwoven in the tweed really stand out! What I really love about this line and the designs are the endless outfit opportunities that each piece comes with. Each tweed design features three or more colors, giving you countless options on how to wear it and what color scheme or look you may want to follow.

So I took the tweed look and made it my own! Being inspired by Thakoon’s pre-fall line, I combined my tweed skirt with a silky, tribal blouse. I added a mustard cardigan to add depth to the outfit through layers, plus the cardigan makes the gold hues in the skirt more apparent. Personally, I love maintaining consistency with color schemes in my outfits so I added a gold and black statement necklace to pull everything together in addition to a few other gold pieces. To further add to this outfit, I chose to use my emerald purse. The gold buckles and zippers coordinate with my outfit while the rich, emerald green really pops in contrast to the overall neutral tones I am wearing.

This pre-fall 2015 show inspired me to play with patterns and textures when deciding what to wear each day, by adding various patterns and textures my outfits became more intriguing and unique. Two bold patterns or textures in one outfit can be risky but embrace it; it gives off a sense of playfulness and confidence!

Get My Look: 1. A mini tweed skirt. 2. The perfect rich scarlet lip. 3. A bold geo statement necklace.