While it’s been a few months, I spent a lot of my fall semester poring over the spring season fashion shows, NYFW especially. One of my favorite shows of the season was Derek Lam’s ready-to-wear collection. I liked it not only for its loose silhouettes and unstructured comfort, but for the shoes as well. The shoes were probably my favorite part of the whole show—all pointed-toe and lace-up in detail. I wanted in on this trend.

When I styled this look, I wanted to (obviously) incorporate the lace-up pointed-toe shoes, in a casual way similar to how Derek Lam styled them. The contrast of these very snazzy, eye-catching shoes with a casual look really elevate any outfit and create a lot of interest. While I would have liked to try the unstructured silhouette that was exemplified in the show, I currently have no clothes that perfectly match the look.

However, my goal was still to create a loose, comfortable outfit that would let the shoes stand out. I paired a soft, loose graphic T-shirt with an oversized, slouchy maroon cardigan. On the bottom, I paired a black, knife pleat miniskirt with tights. Admittedly, tights are not the most comfortable things in the world, but they accent the flats better than a pair of leggings. This look could also be paired with some cute lace-trim slouchy socks to really accent the flats. Finally, I put on my long, gold triangle necklace for shine and kept my hair loose and natural. Overall, while I didn’t emulate Derek Lam’s look perfectly, my shoes and oversized outfit are still an homage to his look.

Get my look: 1. A loose graphic T-shirt. 2. A slouchy cardigan. 3. A soft skit. 4. Lace-up flats.