STYLE GURU STYLE: 'Tis The Season To Be Freezin'

January 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

Winter break is over, and it finally decides to snow. It’s time to start thinking about staying warm. After searching through many different designer’s collections, I found a couple that really interested me. For this look, I was able to get some winter inspiration from Tommy Hilfiger’s pre-fall 2016 and from Versace’s pre-fall 2016.

Throughout Tommy Hilfiger’s collection, many of his ensembles include a sailor, army or pilot style jacket, which seems to be all the rage this season. Another common trend I saw was in Versace’s collection where the model is wearing black booties in nearly every photograph. While looking through these collections, I realized that I have some pieces similar to the ones that these designers chose to use.

In this look, there are details that I pulled from each of these designers’ collections while still keeping my own personal style. Since it’s nearly 30 degrees out every morning, I picked out one of my warmest sweaters and paired it with this Tommy Hilfiger-inspired army green jacket. The next thing I did in order to complete this look was I found the perfect pair of black chunky heeled boots, similar to the shoes used in Versace’s collection. Just to add an extra layer for warmth, I added a pair of knee-high socks that I scrunched down to my ankle. With this outfit, I stacked some of my favorite Alex and Ani bracelets and paired them with any other bracelets I could find. I thought that the popular Lokai bracelet would be the perfect accessory to contrast the gold metal from the rest of my jewelry.

Finally, the last and most crucial part of this look is the hat. In the winter, it is always important to make sure your head and ears are warm. I paired my ensemble with a thick and warm beanie from Love Your Melon. This hat is great because with every purchase, Love Your Melon gives a hat to a child battling cancer. So, not only do I get to stay warm this winter, but someone else does, too.

Get My Look: 1. Army jacket. 2. Chunky black booties. 3. Slouchy beanie.