STYLE GURU STYLE: 'Tis the Season for Comfort

Along with eggnog ice cream, traveling and Seinfeld reruns, comfort is a necessity in my life. Now that the temperature has dropped in Atlanta, it is appropriate to splurge on the remainder of Starbucks spiced seasonal drinks and to dress for the elements. Comfort is a vital factor when preparing an outfit during these winter months—a factor that I take seriously when curating new pieces for my wardrobe.

That being said, my friends were not surprised when I donned this fuzzy “l’amour” sweater that I purchased from Forever 21 ages ago. The latter of these sweaters proved to be the perfect edition to my Saturday study session as well as a means to channel Jeremy Scott’s fall 2014 ready-to-wear show.

Recently, Scott collaborated with Miley Cyrus to put together an accessories collection that is equal amounts fun and perplexing. Remember the neon headgear that dominated Cyrus’ Instagram feed for the longest time? My point exactly. However, Jeremy Scott’s fall 2014 show (sans Cyrus) featured fuzzy football-jersey maxi dresses and sweaters that will make you feel warm after stealing a second-long glance.

Since I am not one for neon, I opted for this crème-colored sweater, which I pulled over a patterned dress. Not only does this sweater dress down my outfit, but it offers a fun alternative to the usual sweatpants and hoodies that students sport during study sessions.

To complete my outfit, I twisted an antiquated scarf into a headband. This keeps my hair back while I study and reveals one of my guilty pleasures: thrift shopping. I adore mixing high-end and low-end items, and scavenging through thrift stores over the years has allowed me to find both—all with a unique story to tell.

Continue studying for finals and heed my advice: comfort first this season. Oh, and accessorizing with a chestnut praline latte never hurt.

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