STYLE GURU STYLE: Timelessly Tribal

July 14th, 2015 at 2:06am

Rings, shoes, bracelets, bags, sunglasses….What would be of our lives without accessories?! It truly is remarkable to see how a few ornamental items can entirely transform an outfit. To me, dressing up and beginning a painting is a lot more similar than one would think. You can start off your look with classic elements, which would be just like a blank canvas, and build upon them with accessories that serve as the tools necessary to achieve your final masterpiece. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be trendy as much as the next person, but there is nothing like sticking to solid neutrals and then going adornment-crazy.

Being the fashion aficionado that I am, there’s two things I’m always on the lookout for: talented designers that catch my eye and new style inspiration. This is exactly what I found in Japanese couturier Junya Watanabe. His spring 2016 menswear collection, apart from being completely amazing, reaffirmed my belief that creatively accessorizing timeless pieces can really go a long way. It was precisely from this runway show that I got the tribal essence and color palette which inspired the embellishments of today’s attire. For this ensemble, I began with a white textured blouse and a dark wash skinny jean; a basic and simple combination that will never go out of style. To this I added a pair of ankle-strap sandals, which I must say I love so much because I’m a sucker for any heel that will make me look good (by this of course I mean taller) and most importantly, feel comfortable. In order to take the look to another level, I chose a tribal-esque Zara neckpiece, which worked as a pivotal component in my outfit, a gold bangle and some midi rings. The finishing touches were this Urban Outfitters bag and a pair of sunnies, both chosen to complement my jewelry. Lastly, there’s nothing like a perfectly messy bun on a hot summer’s day, so I topped off my finished attire with that very popular beauty trend.

Now, just one final note as I bid all you Fashionistas farewell: never underestimate the power of accessories and remember, there’s always a new way to reinvent traditional pieces you find sitting in your closet.

Get My Look: 1. Statement necklace. 2. American Eagle Outfitters cropped denim jegging. 3. Forever 21 white top.