I had never given Gucci much thought until one day, while scrolling through my Instagram a flash of something colorful, patterned and airy passed through my feed. In awe, my eyes were immediately drawn to the eclectic nature of the collection. As an eclectic individual myself, I was immediately in love. I hunted through numerous blogger feeds trying to satiate my thirst for this juicy collection and I found I couldn’t get enough. I knew I had to try to incorporate the look and feel of this collection into my own wardrobe.

Gucci’s resurgence under the direction of Alessandro Michele has put the brand at the forefront of my fashion radar. Gucci has become one of my favorite fashion houses through the creativity, whimsy and sensuality that he has given to the brand.

In look 45 of the Gucci spring 2016 ready-to-wear show, I loved the romantic ‘60s and ’70s scarf influences paired with the edgy black leather. For my take, I chose a just above the knee black A-line skirt that resembles the shape of the skirt on the model. My top is a graphic black and white, inspired by the black and white beret. Since my top didn’t have a tie neckline, I used a silk scarf that my parents brought me back from Spain. The colors and patterned drawings on the scarf have a European feeling that makes the outfit less harsh and more inline with the romantic flare of the collection. It is still winter, so I layered bright tights that peek between the dark black of my knee-high boots and knee-length skirt. I found that in the Gucci collection there were a lot of bright details paired with a dark, edgy black. The tights were a great addition to help bring a little more color into my look. I tossed on the fur coat because I felt like it fit with the vintage ‘60s and ’70s vibe of the collection. It is also an easy way to turn a spring outfit into a winter one. I love a fun and practical accessory so my kate spade watch was a great accent to the outfit. Mostly nude with delicate colored details, it is a subtle and sophisticated addition to any outfit, an item I rarely leave home without.

What I love about this outfit is that the scarf and the top are not connected. I like the look of a tie-neck blouse, but I also like the versatility of two separate pieces. Mixing and matching color and pattern is fun way to get better at identifying your own style aesthetic.

Get My Look: 1. Silk scarf. 2. Patterned top. 3. A-Line skirt.