STYLE GURU STYLE: Thrift Shop-Chic

July 29th, 2015 at 2:10am

When you’re living on a student budget, sometimes you’ve got to learn to be thriftier than Macklemore. But with vintage bargains seriously on trend, you’ll be saving cash and earning some style cred while you’re at it!

Alessandro Michele’s Gucci show for fall 2015 ready-to-wear was refreshingly eclectic. Combining bold patterns, sheer fabrics and heavy coats gave the outfits an element of intrigue that often stems from those #RAD thrift shop finds. Not to be let down by the accessories, of course, models wore bright beanies, knitted headbands, thick-rimmed vintage glasses and mismatched rings. The playful and haphazard details were a fabulous reflection of the way vintage and thrift clothing is often styled today.

As a super affordable trend, I took some inspiration from Gucci and put together this comfy vintage look. I started with boldly patterned dress to create plenty of depth in the outfit, and then complemented it with a light wash denim jacket. What I love about this combination is the contrast of silhouettes; the oversize jacket makes the short dress look much more casual for everyday wear. As a nod to the runway show, I accessorized with a knitted headband much like the one worn by the models. Not only do knitted headbands add some excitement to a simple down-do, but they also give you a little extra (much needed) warmth in the cold weather.

To make like Macklemore and get the thrifty look, you can head to your nearest op shop, raid your mum’s wardrobe or pick out some vintage styles from what you already have! Part of what makes this trend great is you’re sure to have something in your wardrobe that already works.

Get My Look: 1. Slouchy denim jacket. 2. Printed dress. 3. Knitted headband.